Solar Tester

Solar Tester runs a mobile testing laboratory for quality testing of Solar Modules. Prior to installation a sample of modules is tested. Testing methods are Flash test (Determination of nominal STC power), Electroluminescence imaging and thermal imaging. Solar Tester tests thousands of modules each year and plays an important role in optimizing quality and long term yield in solar PV projects.


Large Scale data collection; testing modules prior to installation and regulare follow up to investigate emergence of new defects and evolution of existing defects in modules.


Elbert-Jan Achterberg,


Solar Roof Thyssen Krupp Veghel, 2,3 MWp CIGS, Image © Kieszon
Solar Roof Thyssen Krupp Zwijndrecht, 0,7 MWp CIGS, Image © Straightforward
Solar Roof Jumbo Veghel, 1,3 MWp CIGS, Image © Straightforward
Testing of CIGS Thin Film modules, image © Straightforward
EL image CIGS module, image © Solar Tester
EL image CIGS module, image © Solar Tester