Crystalsol GmbH

Crystalsol GmbH is an Austrian proof of concept company which produce flexible CZTS based photovoltaic modules. The technology is based on the use of CZTS monograins which are then integrated into a roll to roll process using method from the printing industry. The technology has recently reached 9.7% efficiency on cell level and 6.1% on module level from standard production.


  • One of the main task in the frame of PEARL-PV is the standardization of power rating of the CZTS modules. Test and evaluation are currently on-going at AIT. The project also includes a study on module defects and their impact on life-time. The 1st phase of this task was the creation of a defect catalogue including all  typical defect observed on crystalsol modules by Electroluminescence.
  • The following tasks will consists, in collaboration with all the project partners, in performing accelerated lifetime tests such as PID test, Damp-heat and temperature cycle in order to evaluate the impact of the identified defect on the electrical performance.


Amaury Martin,


EL picture of a crystalsol module